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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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next piece of legislation than introducing today is something that has been in the works for actually a number of years and it is yet another piece of legislation that addresses the challenges that women face in san francisco. as you know, planned parenthood open in my district more than 3 years ago and almost immediately upon the opening of planned parenthood staff and patients at this clinic have been harassed and intimidated by protesters in front of its doors. the freestanding clinic sits before a relatively narrow sidewalk. those of you have been to see it. every week, as women enter the clinic to receive reproductive health services, they must pass i several protesters who scream things like, don't kill your baby or abortion cause breast cancer. they are forced to walk by a barrage of posters lining the streets. the 8 foot tall posters contain pictures of bloody fetuses at different
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stages of gestation and in places like repent or burn. oftentimes, religious music is playing on a radio and the protesters actually have a video camera facing the doors videotaping the women as they go in. in addition to the protesters women often have to walk past counter protesters usually neighbors were pedestrians in arguments with the protesters. the arguments are often out loud and he did and they happened directly in front of the clinic. although these neighbors and pedestrians usually disagree with the protesters and believe strongly in the right of women to choose to obtain an abortion, or use birth control, the arguments and yelling of counter protesters can actually also cause patients immense stress as they wait for very sensitive and personal medical procedures.
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anyone would feel harassed and intimidated having to pass by this scene. however, if you are a woman seeking sensitive health services or woman was made a difficult decision to obtain an abortion this harassment could be detrimental to your health. last year to address the situation to protect the health and safety of patients and pedestrians in the area as well as for the purpose of upholding the right to free speech and assembly of a protesters i introduced, can this board unanimously passed legislation, creating a 25 foot buffer zone outside of reproductive health centers in san francisco. after the implementation of this legislation the situation that i described in front of planned parenthood improved dramatically. patients were finally able to freely access services and avoid some of the stress associated with loud protest and conference between protesters and counter protesters in front of the clinic. the protesters [inaudible] were able to
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express their rights and under the doors their speech under the first amendment. unfortunately, at the end of june of this year the united states supreme court and the: the globally invalidated a massachusetts buffer zone law that was substantially similar to the san francisco law. because of that, i my office and i have been working for the past few months with the city attorney's office to amend this buffer zone legislation so that it is compliant with the: but also publishes the twin objectives of allowing women to safely and securely access reproductive health services without infringing upon the first amendment rights of the protesters. i believe that the law that i am introducing today strikes that right balance. my legislation will continue to allow quiet, consensual conversations between antiabortion counselors and women seeking services without
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subjecting planned parenthood patients and staff to scary and intimidating harassment and conflict. specifically, my legislation does the following: it prohibits anyone from following in harassing any person within 25 feet of a reproductive health care facility. it prohibits impeding access to the door of a reproductive health facility. it prohibits individuals from shouting or using amplified sound on any public street or sidewalk within 50 feet of the property line of a reproductive health facility. if an individual violates any of these prohibitions after a written warning, a police officer can require that individual to disperse and remain 25 feet away from the health facility for 8 hours or until the close of business of that facility. i want to thank the city attorney's office. especially, earn bernstein for
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the incredible work that she has done on this issue. i believe that we are striking the right balance of compliant with the: but in typical san francisco fashion making sure that we protect these women as much as we can. i also want to thank planned parenthood, who has been working on doors with us on this issue for the last few years have been patiently awaiting a resolution to it i specially want to thank the staff of planned parenthood wanted daily basis risk their lives to provide access to healthcare for these women. i also want to thank the neighbors in my district who have -- who surround this clinic, who had to put up for any years with a great deal of harassment. it is time that we in san francisco once again send a message that we believe in a woman's right to choose for themselves what to do with their bodies. the next item is
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an item that both supervisor wiener and i have talked about and it's an item want to do a resolution that will be voting on later on today and that is the issue of reparations. [inaudible] with hiv. the number of newly acquired hiv infections among gay and bisexual men, men and communities of color as well as transcendent transgender individuals continues to arise despite an overall decrease in the rate of new infections in san francisco. on july 20 despite an overall decrease in the rate of new infections in san francisco. on july 20, 2012 the fda approved the 1st drug preventing the sexual transmission of hiv. however, fewer than 3000 people in this country were actually prescribed [inaudible] for prep
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nationwide. in both 2012 and 2013. and fewer than 1000 of them were actually prescribed here in san francisco. san francisco has played a leadership role in the response to hiv for more than 30 years. this is where the aids movement started. however, we have not yet pulled out prep to the full extent possible. it is time for citizens go to resume its leadership role. i believe that expanded access to prep is a strategy that supports san francisco. san francisco's overarching public health goals and i believe that we need to act now. this is why, today, i'm introducing a budget supplemental for $801,000 to increase funding for prep in san francisco. i want to thank supervisor came, supervisor
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mark, and supervisor autos for cosponsoring this important supplemental. i believe that expanded access to prep is something that we need to do now. the 1st component is to develop and drug assistance program specifically for prep. the sentences go department of public health has been in contact with the washington state department of health to discuss their program, which we are trying to model and we know that our department of public health was with cooperate with washington state to make sure that our program is as successful as possible. the cost of prep to individuals vary widely. without insurance can cost as much as $1800 per month. undercover california prep cost between 15 and $700 per month depending on the coverage levels and in conjunction with insurance coverage with assistance for gilead, the manufacturer of the drug, we can reduce this cost. the goal here is to minimize
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the cost to every person who can benefit from prep. the statistics and studies show if used properly prep can aluminate hiv infections by as much as 99 percent. so, doing prep has the potential to essentially eradicate hiv infections. in san francisco. the 2nd component of my prep plan is to provide navigators in the community. they will serve as a resource for individual seeking to access prep. these positions will support people in understanding and applying for public and private benefits. accessing medical air and medications in maintaining benefits already received. increased prep education for patients and providers prep navigators to assist patients and obtaining an insurance in effect in co-pay assistance for patients are critical. by having these navigators we are actually minimizing the amount of money that the city has to
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pay. but i believe that in the end this is not only the right thing to do because it will save lives, but ultimately, it will save a great deal of money. we know that for every hiv infection that we prevent in san francisco the city will save at least $355,000 in treating that individual who is infected. that is hundreds of millions of dollars that the city and county of san francisco can save because of this effort. lastly, i want to thank supervisor wiener who is spoken personally about this issue for his courage and i want to thank everyone was made a point of discussing this issue because part of the challenge that we face is that we are not talking enough about this very important matter. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor campos and supervisor wiener did you want to add to supervisor compasses,? >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor compos were really pushing on this issue. it's
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incredibly important on many different levels. we have a medication, a tool, a prevention tool that if we actually increase awareness around it, increase access and reduce the stigma related to it, we can absolutely collapse hiv infection rates in san francisco and around the country and around the world. i think sometimes easy to forget that we still have an hiv epidemic. 50,000 people a year in the us are infected. 2 million each year around the world. of course, almost 400 a year here in semper cisco world have always been the leading edge a prevention efforts and the city has been absolutely brilliant in our approach to prevention, but even with 30 years, more than 30 years, the brilliance prevention work we still continue to see almost 400 people a year 0 converts.
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we are seeing people manage to stay negative for 20-30 years become positive. we are seeing too many young people 18-1920-year-olds becoming positive. despite all of our efforts we have not been able to bridge that gap and complete the elimination, the eradication, of this disease of these new infections. prep is what is going to allow us to bridge that gap and actually envisioned in and of hiv an interview infection. it is really perplexing to me why in this day and age so much knowledge about public health that there continues to be resistance that there continues to be stigma around something that we know is going to save lives. the argument we hear against prep are the same as we hear against birth control. we need to really counter that and so, what's been happening here at the board of supervisors was
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the hearing last week with a supplemental, with all the discussion that we've been having an open label to play a role in that discussion, i think we are raising the awareness for increasing the momentum towards access and making sure that people are able to afford this critical prevention measure. and reducing the stigma and so i look forward to continuing and that discussion. there's a lot we need to do to make this drug more available. so, thank you. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor kim >> thank you. i have a few things to introduce today. 1st, there was a recent research poll that some of you may have read about that keynote indicated that 91 percent of voters believe that it's important to protect small businesses and artists are being displaced from development". i just told our office and work with us on these merchants association on stabilization measures for
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small business on the 2nd street and south market area. this is in partnership with another set of interim control but we have all also introduced it to damages in the 2nd half in reference on 2nd street between king and fulsome street. to support small neighborhood businesses and promote an active, retail frontage along along 2nd street and emerging core door on the stock market to couple with the work that we're doing along 2nd street improvement plan. these interim controls on board to stabilize businesses that are facing displacement pressures from the incredible office gross use which currently allowed on the ground floor in this neighborhood. these controls will help us continue the work of developing permanent zoning to the central summer plan direct rises and promotes beauty mixed use on a of the neighborhood which include small design firms, arts
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bases and of course retail uses. the intent of this legislation is to support the mixed residential and commercial character of 2nd street and south park to promote the economic diversity of the city, and support neighborhood-based planning and engagement of the south beach merchant association draft impermanent controls with the [inaudible] apartment >> this other market continues absorption due to neighborhood proximity due to downtown an existing proposed transit. this growth is important to the city yet we need to both preserve and encourage ground-floor neighborhood serving retail that makes us attractors attractive [inaudible] department of public health and department of public works on the process for issuing construction night permits on road closures. while many of her residence in [inaudible] are happy to see that residential growth finally happening in their neighborhood, and promise commitment to infrastructure finally being put into place, and seeing our economy swing
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back into force the economic successes also bringing a lot of construction in a very concentrated section of our city. we have existing residents. he counted no less than 5-7 major construction sites in this very small neighborhood. our office has been fielding increased complaints, e-mails and concerns from residents requesting better coordination between these multiple large construction sites. along with clear lines guidelines on how dpw issues nighttime construction permits and also clear guidelines for the construction companies on how to manage noise. unfortunate unfortunates represent a district presents a very tolerant weaving in an active multiuse neighborhood with ballparks, nightclubs bars and entrances to our freeways.
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however, we must be cognizant that people do live here. the primary concern that comes up is construction activity permitted between the hours of 8 o'clock p.m. and 7 o'clock a.m. that disrupted sleep and affects the health and well-being of residents. is someone that is lived next to construction site before there's nothing more deceptive than being awoken morning after morning for months. our office is been competing residence construction companies and department staff to increase communication among all of the parties about these nighttime noise activities. we've already yielded some initial positive results from these meetings. i would like to get an update from the department staff on additional ways the city can continue to address and mitigate residents concerns and improve our quality of life and peace at night. finally, i am submitting a memorial for a special constituent in our district. i like to join today's meeting in the memory of joyce williams's memorial took place last wednesday. joyce was born in new york in 1942 and passed away august 31, 2014. joyce was a [inaudible] south of market whose community members could often find the motorcycle mania [inaudible] in front of the sidewalk. joyce
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identified as [inaudible] dedicated a significant amount of time advocating for the rights of nonconforming gender residents as well as citywide tenant issues. joyce finished life as a high-ranking martial artist as well as an active member of the axis of a meadow cannabis community center. joyce is a professional locksmith who love tinkering with anything mechanical. to expect councils are not baking medical cannabis bounties to give away to low income [inaudible] and seniors. joyce believed if you served our power not religion but to community service and good deeds. joyce also had down this love for everyone in a very sweet smile. joyce was last seen by many at [inaudible] on charlie's lounge at a tenderloin at a fund-raising benefiting camp sunburst is summer camp for children with hiv. this was a special
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nonprofit that joyce donated time and money to. joyce his passing was sudden and unexpected and many in our community are mourning the loss of their friends. joyce is survived by a brother and a beloved cat pinto bean, and the neighbors that [inaudible] and the community at axis of love. special thanks to john martinelli a friend and neighbor for adopting pinto bean. the rest estimate >> thank you supervisor kim supervisor mark should have thank you. have a couple of items. let me start quickly by saying i just learned that one of my key mentors and heroes a 99-year-old woman named grace lee boggs, has just issued a statement. she is really slowing down in detroit where she lives. grace lee boggs and
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she's requested to share a statement that she recorded recently with one of her supporters [inaudible] and i just want to read a statement really quickly. i also want to say that the statement says they want people to respect her privacy as she cannot entertain interviews protocols or visitors right now and to thank everyone for the love and the struggle they've shared with her . grace lee boggs was born in 1915 and this is not an in memoriam but they hope for peace for her. she's an activist writer and speaker from 7 decades of political involvement encompasses the nature us social movements of the past 100 years. she was a doctor chinese immigrants. ms. boggs received her ba from barnard college and a phd in philosophy from bryn mawr college. she developed twenty-year political relationship with the black mark
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[inaudible] clr james followed by extensive civil rights and black power movement activism in detroit in partnership with her husband james lee boggs. who passed away at 93. i met grace over 20 years ago along with my friend [inaudible] and we help at ucla and i was a long time ago. but we brought grace out and also the incredible year [inaudible] who passed away only weeks ago but what was important was that they shared their experiences are preaching to us but their lives with a new generation of community organizers and youth leaders and i will never forget the amazing warmth of grace lee boggs for younger people like myself. grace was such an inspiration as she continues to be with new generations of grassroots activists in detroit where she lives and has lived for many decades to many activists in oakland and san francisco and asian-american movements as well. grace
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dictated this to my friend scott this morning and grace lee boggs says, i am coming to the end of a long journey a journey that began over 70 years ago at the beginning of world war ii. this journey has basically been to show that there's an alternative [inaudible] sentimental changes. it's taken us a long time to accomplish this but we have been able to do so both as the result of our historical patient and because of the very practical efforts of comrades were present to the challenge of creating a revolution unlike any revolution that's been in the past. because of my increasing physical limitations in the last few years i've not been able to play the role that am i to played. that is not as important now as recognizing what has been achieved. a revolution based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one the great [inaudible]
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conjugations of humankind. we will be finding ways and means to celebrate this one of which will be the detroit reimagining work and culture conference in october. we want people to understand how much these concept of new work and new cultures based upon not only enormous activity but also on vision and imagination. that is her statement. there's a great film about grace's wife called an american revolutionary the evolution of grace lee boggs and also there's a number bill moyers interviews with her that i encourage people to watch. she brings philosophy and thinking to using our hands and hearts to make a better world for everyone. my heart is with grace and her family and friends in detroit and i wish you peace and thank her for all she has given to me and so many others. that dream i better world. also, like the millions globally the just participated in our and are participating in the people's climate marches, the un summits today, the flood
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wall street yesterday, like all them like them i want to thank grace for 99 years of building a better and more sustainable world. the items that i have today, one, is the resolution i'm introducing allowing with supervisors david compos and melia: and john avalos -- even those differences there was only a few weeks into the school year, the education of our students semper cisco unified school district students could be interrupted by potential teacher and staff strike. the contract negotiations between the united educators of san francisco and services go unified school district have been fortunately slow down and talk of a strike as rising. i want to thank teachers and parents but also [inaudible] brooks the liaison to the school district to the board for their influence in helping to write this resolution. there are real issues to resolve. the average san francisco teacher makes
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only $62,000 a year was starting teachers make around $50,000. but paraprofessionals also known as learning support staff often work with the most vulnerable student population students of color and low-income students, they make only an average of $25,000 a year. the salaries have not been increased since 2008 before the great recession. since 2008 of course sentences cars become even less affordable than even before to live in. i know a number of great teachers and staff are facing the action and displacement from the city. the reality is teachers are increasingly unable to afford to live in our city. but they're getting sore structure. as a father of ice cooler i know that teachers for example are being forced to leave the percent of the city in the middle of the square with the increased incredibly disruptive to all the students. this disruption will continue to occur if we as a city don't
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take stronger efforts to [inaudible] into business but the i should also knowledge has received limited resources from the state and it's well known that our state rank dead last in the resolution again today i'm introducing [inaudible] and the teachers here to seek common ground the successful resolution of negotiations. so that we can allow educators to rein in symptoms of scope and remain service but rather sends oscillating the services go school district long-term fiscal health. i'm not advocating for specific outcome today but i don't want to strike. as a parent i don't want our schools and children education disrupted. i would also like to thank again, the
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input from any to put the resolution together. lastly, on a stork and positive note, today is national voter registration day. it's a single largest national event focused on registering voters of the upcoming november 4 election. i think it's 40 days from now. but you only have about 30 days to register to vote. there are many grassroots and community based organizations around the country holding different events but also believe focusing on young people to expand democracy so that we have a strong voice from the new generation. local community groups are holding voter registration events throughout the city to educate potential new voters about their rights to vote and historically why it's important for something our communities. in particular, condense in chinatown in on school campuses encourage those who are traditionally underrepresented -- and i would say historically disenfranchised
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consciously -- that we encourage young voters immigrant voters low-income voters to register to vote and participate. while asian americans make up a little over one 3rd of the city's residents, only 23 percent of asian-americans are registered to vote in our city. currently, asian-americans eligible to vote in san francisco of them only 54 percent are registered which is compared to lower than the national average of 71 percent. so, to consciously counteract grassroots groups like that chinese progressive association asian law caucus chinese for affirmative action and many others are conducting targeted voter registration drives throughout the city at city college of citizens got the chinatown campus and ocean kid is also at high schools like [inaudible] which i know couple of my colleagues probably graduated from lowell high school and many of high schools as well. by voting in local national elections disenfranchised communities can have a stronger voice in helping our families succeed so
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children can receive a quality education. workers can receive justice. are able to provide for their families. all of us can afford to stay in san francisco. notable voters can register to vote online today. it's on it's easy. online voter restrictions have also in multiple languages including chinese, and spanish and vietnamese and many language that is spoken in san francisco. good only until october 20 to register to vote in california for jamaica for the november 4 election and it's a critical one. boaters world moved or changed their name must be register so it's really simple to do it online now. i look forward to working with my colleagues and others to expand democracy especially by encouraging young people to vote the people in high schools and younger people in our community to participate the rest also measures of super thank you supervisor. supervisor wiener >> thank you madam clerk. i'm introducing a hearing last about the state of our light rail vehicle system specifically
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muni's plan over the next 2 years to improve service on our light rail lines until our until the cavalry comes in the form of new light rail vehicles from siemens. last week we did something very exciting and in passing the resolution approving the mtas contract with siemens for ultimately the next generation of labor light rail vehicles which will nearly double the light rail doubled vehicles shall be more reliable new bus service have better passenger capacity and so forth. i'm very optimistic for the long run of our light rail system once the light rail vehicles are in place and i look forward to that happening. but we know that we have a. right now, our light rail vehicles are the primary source of lack of reliability in the system. we don't have enough to begin with. they break down frequently. we have so few that en


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